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Ready Left. Ready Right.

A newborn stops breathing; her mother is dying on a blood soaked couch. On a distant mountain trail, a hiker’s deadly encounter leaves him only minutes to live. Time is against them all.

When the men and women of Rescue Flight are deployed, death has a formidable enemy, but with a greedy administrator calling the shots, death is not their only foe.

What does it take to wear a flight uniform? What’s the toll to stay in one? Join three talented flight crews on gritty, fast-paced helicopter rides through chaos and find out.

A portion of the proceeds for ‘Ready Left. Ready Right’ will go to these three amazing non-profit organizations that are helping our First Responders and Nurses.

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About D.D. Finder

D.D. Finder is a former Flight and ICU Nurse, EMT-Basic, and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who has worked in healthcare for over 20 years. He has been awarded several nursing awards for his excellence in patient care. His deep respect for first responders and nurses drives him to publish novels showcasing their intelligence, dedication, sacrifice, and compassion. He lives with his wife in Colorado and still works as an RN.

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